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Monday, December 16, 2013

1 Daniel and 4 John Stories

Daniel story:
He earned a water balloon launcher (autistic kids are rewarded for their work).  We couldn’t fit the adapter to fill the balloons on the sinks so your dad took it outside and attached it to the spigot.  Daniel threw a few balloons and came inside.  A little while later it started to rain.  Daniel was trying to get an umbrella up to go outside.  I told him he didn’t need to do anymore water balloons tonight and that he could do it tomorrow. He continued to work with the umbrella.  I thought he didn’t hear me so I repeated myself.  He looks at me and says, “I nostril.” Huh? Oh, nozzle. He wanted to go outside and get the nozzle off the spigot.  I then asked him if he knew what a nostril was.  He didn’t.  I wonder how he came up with a word he didn’t even know.

John’s story #1
His teacher called this last week.  He went to PE and went outside and ran! John hates outside and hates running.  They use walking the track as discipline when John hits.  He told me he ran a marathon and that he was going to be a professional athlete. In first grade he did say he wanted to be a PE teacher but then he freaked out and quit going.

John story #2:
John has a new classmate at church named Cameron.  A couple of weeks ago Cameron was having a hard time.  According to his Sunday School teacher, John felt sad for Cameron and was feeling empathy for him.  John remembers how he felt a year ago and could relate.  Something people with autism have a really difficult time with.

John story #3:
For joint activity on Wednesday they had a camp fire and cooked s'moors.  John sat by the fire and roasted his marshmallows! The kid who just 2 weeks ago hid in his room while we lit his dad’s birthday candles sat next to a campfire!  He also told Jana that he wanted to have a campfire in our back yard but then it got moved inside and then he was cooking in the microwave.  Jana told him that you couldn’t call that a campout, it would be a campin.

John story #4 (he has had a busy week):
John can be very loving he is forever giving hugs and kisses.  Jana has been trying to teach him to fist bump instead of kiss.  At school his teacher has him blow her kisses and she puts them in her pocket.  Well, John, one day, while walking down the hall blew a kiss at a random girl. His teacher tries to correct him and tell him it is inappropriate. (Can you even imagine blowing a kiss to a girl in the hall in junior High?)So John tells his teacher, “I’m just irresistible and full of love!” 

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