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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Nickname for Daniel January 7, 2014

I called Daniel “Darling”.  I call him Daniel Darling sometimes.  He got really upset and said, “My name Daniel David Frame!” I said, “Darling is my nickname for you, just like I call Johnny ‘Angel’”.  It means I love you.” He said, “Oh,” And calmed down.   Then mumbled, “No nick (pause for remembering) name, just regular name.”  J I guess I won’t be using that name much or only call him “Daniel Darling” and not just “Darling”. I wonder how things would have gone if I had told him it was a pet name.  Would he think I was calling him a dog or a cat? Probably.  I was thinking pet name would have been a better explanation.  I think now, not.

I took John to his psychiatrist yesterday.  Because of his medicines, he needs to get some blood work done.  I plan on taking him tomorrow morning.  That should be interesting.  

And so it is then end of the Holidays and Birthdays.  Phew! Now we just have to get through Daniel’s MRI at the end of the month and maybe I can calm down a bit.  No wait, it is ARD season and time to choose classes for John and Daniel next year.  I wonder if I should put Daniel in band, orchestra, choir or art. I’ll ask for his opinion but it is really up to me.  

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