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Monday, January 27, 2014

Daniel struggles with language and John is being difficult - December 12, 2013

It has been kind of cold here.  Poor Daniel has to go to school in shorts.  I finally found a place that I might be able to order some pants for him that are the right size.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they fit because he really needs some.  It is supposed to get below freezing next week and stay that way for a few days (over Christmas) we really don’t have clothes for that so it is good thing school will be out.  Everyone is preparing for and taking finals this week except for Daniel who doesn’t have them.

Daniel has been his cute, lovable self.  The speakers on the kid’s computer weren’t working for a few days.  Mark and I couldn’t figure out why.  Daniel decided to ask your dad who was busy with SWOTR. When Daniel tried to get his attention he was being short with Daniel thinking it was John once again bugging him.  When he realized it was Daniel, he got to a stopping place and called him in.  He said Daniel was so upset he was crying and all he could say was, “speaker” which doesn’t make a whole lot of since if you don’t know the previous information.  Your dad easily fixed it and now Mark, John and Daniel are all happy.

John has been really hard this last week. He had been doing really well and then, bam! Not so good.  He has been giving his teachers a hard time screaming in class and being rude to other kids. L 

On Thursday, John and Daniel had their 3 month dentist appointment.  I decided to let John sleep in and just take him to school after the appointment.  I called his teacher and she told me that by the time we got back, John would only have 1 class left because he doesn’t go to an elective class. The afternoon is all “advisory”. So he got a day off.  The next day, John was complaining about being sick.  After talking to the nurse and observing him, they decided to send him home, so I went to get him.  On the way home, he told me he was lying about being sick.  Grrr. Then he tried to convince me on Sunday that he was sick.  I had to explain, loudly, that he had lied to me whether he was sick, or not sick, on Friday.  Because he had lied to me,  I couldn’t believe him and that I wouldn’t ever believe him unless he was running a temperature.  I got really angry, which you know is unusual, but oh, well.  He went over the line screaming at me for an hour and a half and then trying to get out of getting dressed by resting and saying he had a sore throat. In the end, we got to church only a few minutes late.  My throat hurt so after the sacrament I went to get a drink and a Kleenex.  In the hall I ran into a lady who is having a lot of trouble with her 5 year old son.  We talked for a long time.  It helped a lot, so I guess God took and bad situation and turned it into a way to help someone who was struggling.

BTW, no cavities for 6 whole months with John and Daniel.  The 3 month schedule is working well for them.  

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