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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 5 - Baby Moses Part 1

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 5 
Part 1 - Baby Moses

This lesson isn't part of the song, but kids love the story and there are a bunch of ways to teach it.

Make Salt Dough if using
Draw pictures of a baby on small pieces of paper

Play or Salt Dough
A Basket or have the children make salt/play dough baskets
A Doll to fit the basket or tiny baby dolls for salt dough baskets


Tell, watch, read or act out the story of the baby Moses.

You are big.  You have learned to do a lot of things by yourself.  What are some things you can do all by yourself?  (Have the children tell or act out things they do all by themselves such as walk, dress, or play.) Babies need a lot of help.  They cannot do very much for themselves.  What are some things babies can’t do?  (Have the children pretend to care for a baby.)
When Moses was a baby, the Pharaoh (or king) ordered the soldiers to kill the babies.  Moses’ mommy didn’t want her baby killed.  God inspired (told) Moses’ mommy how to save him.  She made a basket for him to sleep in.  (Show a basket or picture of a basket.)  She put baby Moses in the basket.  (Place doll in basket.) She put the basket in the big river.  She couldn’t stay and watch Moses because she had to work so she had Moses’ big sister, Miriam, watch the basket to make sure it was safe.  {(You could relate this to older siblings watching the younger children in your family or how a babysitter watches the children when parents are gone.)(Have the children pretend to watch over the basket. You could discuss all the bad things that could have happened to Moses in a big river in a basket.  But also explain that God helped Miriam watch and keep Moses safe.) (Have the children use the salt dough to make a basket.  If you have tiny dolls put them in the basket, if not, draw pictures of a baby on small pieces of paper to place in the salt dough baskets.)}
One day, the Pharaoh’s daughter (princess) was at the river.  She was taking a bath.  (Have the children pretend to bathe.) She saw the basket in the water and wondered what it was.  When she looked in the basket she found a baby.  She knew babies couldn’t take care of themselves.  She wanted to take care of Moses but she needed some help feeding him.  The Pharaoh’s daughter saw Miriam, Moses’ sister.  The Pharaoh’s daughter asked Miriam if she knew about anyone who could help take care of the baby.  Miriam told her, “Yes!” and ran to get her mother.  Moses’ mommy got to take care of her baby for the Pharaoh’s daughter and Moses did not get killed by the soldiers.  God protected Moses.

There are a lot of resources on line for this story.  Just google it.

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