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Monday, January 27, 2014

I So Sick

Daniel is getting sick.  He leaned over to me during the sacrament and said, “I so sick.”  I sent your dad and Daniel home right after that.  I probably should not have sent him to school today, but I so needed an alone day.

John has been quiet and good on the most part.  He has been busy playing his Christmas and Birthday games.  He got a minecraft shirt and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I think it is Super Mario.)  

I am starting to stress over Daniel’s upcoming MRI.  I always do. Knowing it is growing is less stressful than wondering if it is growing but the decision as to when to do the surgery is approaching.  Do we wait for symptoms or do we have it during the summer when he is out of school?  

It is also ARD time for John and Daniel.  We get to decide what classes they take next year.  Woohoo! Not.  Will the stress ever let up?  It seems like forever since things got crazy.  Actually it is only since John was 3 and we found out about his autism.

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