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Monday, January 27, 2014

John is still struggling and Daniel can't wait for Christmas - December 23, 2013

John has been horrible this week.  His teacher called on Tuesday for us to come get him.  I was at the dentist so your dad talked to her.  I didn’t get the message until 2:10. She was going to wait 10 minutes and then call back as to whether we needed to come or not.  Seriously? 2:20?  Both the Junior High and the High School that is right behind it get out at 2:30!  The traffic is horrible then.  Cars are lined up along the street waiting to pick up kids and you have High Schoolers driving! How on earth am I supposed to get to the Junior High at 2:30? Which would be what time it was by the time we got the call and was able to get there.  They would end up having to hold him until 3:00 at least.  Wouldn’t that make the situation worse than putting him on the bus?  And…on top of that, you just taught him if he screamed long enough he gets to come home!  What on earth was she thinking?  It ended up that she didn’t call.  I think she figured out that it would be easier to just put him on the bus because that is what happened.  The bus driver just shook her head when I got him off.  Apparently, he had cried all the way home.  We have no Idea what happened.  He had been taking his medicine so that wasn’t it. I think he might have made it to mid-December to freak out instead of mid-November.  That is progress I guess.

Daniel is incredibly excited about Christmas.  I have been getting a report on how many days are left every day. J I love the way Chris explained Daniel’s way of talking.  He has no speaking cadence.  I have had a horrible time explaining how he talks and that explains it pretty well.

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