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Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Day Ever!

I got a call from John’s teacher saying he had a great week.  He has been doing his work and been asking to go to class on his own.  His aide is letting him be by himself but sticks around the back of the classJ.  He read out loud in class and in one class finished his work 15 minutes BEFORE anyone else.  Unbelievable!  John is actually doing school work at school and in class! I wonder how long it will last. He has had some bad weeks, but overall he has been doing amazingly well this year.

Saturday was eventful.  I had thought we might watch the parade (so John and Daniel could see what a parade was) but Daniel had a scouting outdoor activity put on by the Order of the Arrow.  He has a great time. When talking about it to his dad, with some prompting, he told us he lit a fire, used an ax, sharpened a knife, tied some knots and then tried to say something else but didn’t know the word.  I had looked at his activity sheet and asked, “Citizenship?” he nodded.  That is the Citizenship that is required for tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st class, not the merit badges.  He also did some first aid so it was a busy morning. Unfortunately, I goofed up on where to pick him up, so he had to wait a really long time until, after a phone call, figured it out.  I knew it was at Katy High School and I was waiting at the Natatorium, but I was supposed to walk past the carnival that was set up for the rodeo and get him.  During that whole time, Daniel, according to the person who was with him, was trying to visit the carnival.  I felt awful and decided we would go later that day.  I didn’t have a pair of shoes on that I could stand and walk around in very long without getting foot cramps.  I called home and asked Mark if he would bring John and a pair of shoes, but he said he was busy. So, I drove home and rested then, Daniel woke me up at the time I said we would go.

After talking John into it, John, Daniel and I went to the carnival.  Mark was still too tired and their dad needed to care of something on the computer.  He called just as I was about to get on the access road but I told him I would be fine without him.
Wow! It think I learned how not to shake my phone camera! No blurry pictures!

We strolled through the rides.  Daniel decided to go on the huge slide that you slide with the burlap sacks but the operator took a break just before his turn.  John said he was afraid of heights and didn't want to go but the operator said he would be in a couple of minutes..  While we waited, John got cold, so I gave him my pink sweater. Not caring what other people think has its advantages, like being able to wear mom's sweater without being embarrassed.

We walked past another ride and then I talked Daniel into going through the Fun House.  He was tentative walking and held on for dear life on the moving floors, but I think he enjoyed it.

   At first, John didn’t want to go on anything,

but when Daniel got off the Fireball, he said, “I was very brave!”After Daniel went on the “Fireball”  John wanted to go but because we were short on time I told him we needed to move on and maybe we could come back.

So they went on what I know as The Eggbeater.  The operators were kind enough to allow me to help John and Daniel into the car.  The boys weren't understanding what the operator was trying to tell them and with the motor planning issues could quite figure out how to get in.  
John screamed his head off and looked absolutely terrified, but he was happy when he got off.

 They tried to spin and after some instruction, figured out how to while they were sitting still, but once they got to flying, it got to hard.  There weren't very many kids who could make it spin while flying in a circle.

Of course, afraid of heights John went on the Ferris wheel. They were both very patient waiting for their turns.
I don't know the name of the last ride.  It made them kind of dizzy. They still enjoyed it but I think they were pretty much done with the carnival.

I asked Daniel what his favorite ride was.  It was the Fireball. 
At the time I didn’t know what it was because I didn’t look at the names of the rides.  Daniel explained it to spinning his hand and saying, "around and around".

As we got in the car to go home Daniel declared, “Best day EVER!”

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