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Sunday, February 9, 2014

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 5 Part 2 - Moses and the Burning Bush

FHE Follow the Prophet Verse 5 
Part 2 - Moses and the Burning Bush

Have the students wear shoes
Prepare a place to burn things if you can.  Otherwise, just talk about burning things.
A real or picture of a plant or a bush
A candle or fireplace to light
A piece of paper
A piece of wood
A piece of wool



Bible stories have a lot of resources on the internet so Google Moses and the Burning Bush

Tell, watch, read or act out the story of the Moses and the Burning Bush.  On the video it is the first half of The Prophet Moses.


This would be fun to do outside so you could show a bush and light a fire in a fire pit or bar b que.  You could actually burn a bush.

One day, Moses went to a mountain. (Pretend to climb a mountain.) He saw a bush that was burning.  (Show bush/plant inside or out.  Light the candle or fire. Talk about or burn the paper, wool and wood. * Please don’t burn something if you will be setting your house on fire.  Just talk about it.) But the funny thing is, it did not burn! (Pretend to be surprised.) Moses went to the bush.  God spoke to Moses from the bush. He told Moses to take off his shoes because the ground around the bush was special. Moses took off his shoes. (Remove shoes and if it is not too cold walk around a little outside.)  God told Moses to go to Egypt and free the people who were slaves.  (Discuss what a slave is.  Order the children around and make them do things like stand up, sit down, clap, etc. Or play Simon Says.) Moses was afraid, but God said that He would help Moses.  God would send Aaron, Moses’ brother, would help.  (Act out helping each other or show pictures of people helping each other.) Moses went to do what God told him.

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