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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 21, 2014 John is getting to tall and strong

Robert went to Utah this last week to his Uncle Widge’s funeral but I didn’t go because I wasn’t comfortable leaving John and Daniel with Mark when we would be so far away. Mostly because I was worried that if I left than Daniel would have tumor issue. Of course he didn’t but, you know, Murphy’s Law… if anything can go wrong it will. It wasn’t just that, Mark is a bit closer in age to John and Daniel and they are pretty big and strong. He does well with them but…I don’t know…I just didn’t feel right about going to Utah…to a hotel a few miles away, sure, but Utah is just so far away! John is about to outgrow me. He has maybe and inch before he is taller than me. We are pretty much looking at each other eye to eye. Daniel isn’t a whole lot shorter either. If my memory serves, the older boys got their growth spurt around the age of 14. John is only half a year from that. I wonder how I am going to deal with him, puberty and his anger issues when he is taller and stronger than me. John has been doing really well a school but church has been awful. Jana and I spent the previous Sunday’s (not including General Conference) fighting John during the last hour. Then yesterday he threw a fit at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting because I wouldn’t let him play his DS before the Sacrament. I had to drag him outside while he screamed. I had to use all of my weight to get him to move. Jana mentioned she thought he was getting stronger as well as taller. I think it might because he goes to PE for the warm ups. He leaves after about 10 minutes but that first stretch and warm up is going to kill us when he fights us.

April 14, 2014 Daniel and his Belt

John has been doing great after a run in with Suzette and the vegetables. He decided it was better to behave in the regular classrooms rather than eat vegetables. Daniel is Daniel doing his Daniel things. He took the STARR a couple of weeks ago. After the Math test he said his hand hurt from filling in all the circles and that it was hard. He said the reading test was easy. Huh, Math is his good subject and reading his so much about language that instead of being on his 5th grade level his is reading at a 3rd grade level. I guess the test writers will be keeping their jobs for a while longer because obviously something is not quite right about the proper difficulty of the test. Daniel story…Daniel knocked on our door a couple of days ago. His dad shouted, “What?” Daniel answered, “Um…Um” So his dad yelled, “Do you want something Daniel?” Daniel answered, “Um…Um” So his dad got up and answered the door. Daniel held out his belt. He wanted to put his belt in his dresser drawer. I keep his dresser in my room so I don't have to run upstairs to get the clothes or put them away after washing them. When he came in my room last night to put away his belt I asked him what it was and he said, “belt”. So he knows the name of it but couldn’t say he wanted to put it away.

April 1, 2014 John tries to startle Andy

Daniel has STAAR testing this week. That is state testing for school. He came home with a paper cape with stuff like “good luck”, and “you can do it” from the teachers and kids in his class. He said he wrote “good luck” on other people’s capes. Other than that, he and John have been playing on the computer and with their DSes (??? Plural DS?) John has been pretty quiet except at church on Sunday but I think that is because I ran out of one of his medicines so it really wasn’t his fault. He had a fit during class because I wouldn’t give him his DS. Jana (his Sunday School teacher) and her son Andy took him out to the picnic area. They got pollen all over their rear ends from the benches. Spring has sprung around here. Andy doesn't work with his mother every week anymore but John is so big now that Jana and I couldn’t get him to move. We had to call in the troops. A couple of weeks ago John entered the chapel and snuck up behind who he thought was Andy and said, “BOO!” (He is really into startling people.) But it wasn’t Andy; it was his brother who was visiting. They look a lot alike from the back. He turned around and looked at John and laughed. "I bet you thought I was Andy!" Then Andy came up behind John and startled him. We all had a good giggle.

March 24, 2014 John and some Visitors

Monday was the dentist for John and Daniel at noon so John didn’t go back to school. According to his teacher, he doesn’t have any classes after lunch so why bring him back? But then, I got a call on Tuesday that John was sick 5 minutes before some visitors were supposed to arrive. I tried to call them, but they didn’t pick up so I jumped in the car anyway. While I was walking into the school I got a call from my friends, so I told them to just wait; their choice, not mine. So, I got back with John and my friends and I had a nice visit while John played on the computer and upstairs. It is such a change from when he would run as fast as he could upstairs whenever we had company. He has really grown up.

March 17, 2014 I’m never going to come in your room again

It was a quiet spring break. John and Daniel had a great time playing together. They were really nice. Daniel seems to be doing better on the Adderall than he was previously. It seems easier to get and keep his attention. He is even kind of answering questions with something other than, “maybe” or “I’m not sure”. I asked him if he felt any better on it and he said, yes. Then I asked if he could listen to the teacher better and he said, yes. I thought for sure I would get a maybe or I’m not sure but it was a strait up yes. I hardly even noticed John was home this week. He only yelled a couple of times which for a whole week is great! He is so funny when he is angry. He says things like, “I’m never going to come in your room again!” or “I’m never going to use this blanket again!” Ummmm, okaaay.

March 10, 2014 a big fight over eating vegetables

John had a really bad week at school. He shoved a kid and was trying to hit teachers and of course yelling and screaming. He ended up in JCAP (Junior High Children with Autism Program) with Ms. Suzette. They had a big fight over eating vegetables. She was enforcing her class rules to make JCAP a place he doesn’t want to be. In other words, so he will behave in his regular classes. She made him write sentences like, “I will not hit other kids.” Or something like that. I used to have to write sentences when the class misbehaved in 5th grade. I hated it, especially since it wasn’t me causing the problems but The teacher insisted the whole class write and it wasn’t short little sentences. It was long ones that took up a couple of lines on the page. That is probably why I know cursive so well. :D