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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 1, 2014 John tries to startle Andy

Daniel has STAAR testing this week. That is state testing for school. He came home with a paper cape with stuff like “good luck”, and “you can do it” from the teachers and kids in his class. He said he wrote “good luck” on other people’s capes. Other than that, he and John have been playing on the computer and with their DSes (??? Plural DS?) John has been pretty quiet except at church on Sunday but I think that is because I ran out of one of his medicines so it really wasn’t his fault. He had a fit during class because I wouldn’t give him his DS. Jana (his Sunday School teacher) and her son Andy took him out to the picnic area. They got pollen all over their rear ends from the benches. Spring has sprung around here. Andy doesn't work with his mother every week anymore but John is so big now that Jana and I couldn’t get him to move. We had to call in the troops. A couple of weeks ago John entered the chapel and snuck up behind who he thought was Andy and said, “BOO!” (He is really into startling people.) But it wasn’t Andy; it was his brother who was visiting. They look a lot alike from the back. He turned around and looked at John and laughed. "I bet you thought I was Andy!" Then Andy came up behind John and startled him. We all had a good giggle.

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