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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 14, 2014 Daniel and his Belt

John has been doing great after a run in with Suzette and the vegetables. He decided it was better to behave in the regular classrooms rather than eat vegetables. Daniel is Daniel doing his Daniel things. He took the STARR a couple of weeks ago. After the Math test he said his hand hurt from filling in all the circles and that it was hard. He said the reading test was easy. Huh, Math is his good subject and reading his so much about language that instead of being on his 5th grade level his is reading at a 3rd grade level. I guess the test writers will be keeping their jobs for a while longer because obviously something is not quite right about the proper difficulty of the test. Daniel story…Daniel knocked on our door a couple of days ago. His dad shouted, “What?” Daniel answered, “Um…Um” So his dad yelled, “Do you want something Daniel?” Daniel answered, “Um…Um” So his dad got up and answered the door. Daniel held out his belt. He wanted to put his belt in his dresser drawer. I keep his dresser in my room so I don't have to run upstairs to get the clothes or put them away after washing them. When he came in my room last night to put away his belt I asked him what it was and he said, “belt”. So he knows the name of it but couldn’t say he wanted to put it away.

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