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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 21, 2014 John is getting to tall and strong

Robert went to Utah this last week to his Uncle Widge’s funeral but I didn’t go because I wasn’t comfortable leaving John and Daniel with Mark when we would be so far away. Mostly because I was worried that if I left than Daniel would have tumor issue. Of course he didn’t but, you know, Murphy’s Law… if anything can go wrong it will. It wasn’t just that, Mark is a bit closer in age to John and Daniel and they are pretty big and strong. He does well with them but…I don’t know…I just didn’t feel right about going to Utah…to a hotel a few miles away, sure, but Utah is just so far away! John is about to outgrow me. He has maybe and inch before he is taller than me. We are pretty much looking at each other eye to eye. Daniel isn’t a whole lot shorter either. If my memory serves, the older boys got their growth spurt around the age of 14. John is only half a year from that. I wonder how I am going to deal with him, puberty and his anger issues when he is taller and stronger than me. John has been doing really well a school but church has been awful. Jana and I spent the previous Sunday’s (not including General Conference) fighting John during the last hour. Then yesterday he threw a fit at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting because I wouldn’t let him play his DS before the Sacrament. I had to drag him outside while he screamed. I had to use all of my weight to get him to move. Jana mentioned she thought he was getting stronger as well as taller. I think it might because he goes to PE for the warm ups. He leaves after about 10 minutes but that first stretch and warm up is going to kill us when he fights us.

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