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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 17, 2014 I’m never going to come in your room again

It was a quiet spring break. John and Daniel had a great time playing together. They were really nice. Daniel seems to be doing better on the Adderall than he was previously. It seems easier to get and keep his attention. He is even kind of answering questions with something other than, “maybe” or “I’m not sure”. I asked him if he felt any better on it and he said, yes. Then I asked if he could listen to the teacher better and he said, yes. I thought for sure I would get a maybe or I’m not sure but it was a strait up yes. I hardly even noticed John was home this week. He only yelled a couple of times which for a whole week is great! He is so funny when he is angry. He says things like, “I’m never going to come in your room again!” or “I’m never going to use this blanket again!” Ummmm, okaaay.

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