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Achievement Day Ideas


Learning & Living the Gospel
Activity #1 – Family Service Project

A) Scrap-booking or Journaling or Photojournaling (all about me day)
B) Plan and make a scripture game for Family Home Evening

A) Plan and prepare a Family Home Evening Lesson on Joseph Smith’s First Vision including handouts, and flannel board pictures and discussion on prayer
B) Pedigree chart and Family group sheet Discuss how performing temple work blesses families

A) Family Celebrations and Traditions (Plan something)
B) Adopt a Grandparent? Or read to the elderly, Care of Elderly (with family) Visit a nursing home or have a nurse come and discuss care of the elderly.

Developing Talents
Activity #2 – Formal around the World Dinner

A) Make tablecloths for the dinner-Teach hem stitch
B) Embroider table cloths-Very simple design

A) Flower Arranging for centerpieces, place cards, etc.
B) Table manners, how to set a Formal Table and how to properly serve food.

A) Learn about another country, plan a game, music and meal from that country for dinner
B) Cook foods from the country that we learned about present it using the table and manners that we learned. Invite our Adopted Grandparents? Maybe have it at the nursing home? (With family or just dad?)

Activity #3 – Make up Party

A) How to use a planner and set goals
B) Learn how to clean and organize bedroom

A) Learn Flexibility and Muscle Building
B) Do Aerobics, Tai Chi or Yoga

A) Learn Nail, Skin, and Hair care
B) Learn how to apply make up - Make up Mom and Adopted grandparent? (With family or just Mom)

Serving Others
Activity #4 – Community Project

A) Fire safety, Build cook on and extinguish a fire
B) Compass Treasure hunt (Learn how to use a compass and what to do if lost)

A) Learn Disaster Protocol (What to do during a disaster) Individual school emergency pack
B) Fire Safety - Escape from home

A) Community Service Project (maybe a preparedness seminar for 1 or 2 neighborhoods. (Or make sure adopted grandparents are prepared and the facility is prepared) (Help set up an emergency pack for care center? or help set up church to be a disaster shelter or some other place such as a school or community center, make relief packets)
B) Talk to a Government agency about emergency preparedness for our area or schools etc Visit E.R. or have a person from the Red Cross come, or visit Fire station or police station. Find out about disaster plans and evacuation routes

Serving Others
Activity #1 Conservation Project

A) Learn about square foot Gardening and plan a garden
B) Plant a square foot garden or herb garden (give to care center or elderly person?)

A) Learn care of trees
B) Make a Leaf Collection or dried flower press

A) Go on a nature hike, discuss ways to take care of our world
B) Do a conservation project such as clean up a park, check with cub scouts (include families in either a or b)

Learning and Living the Gospel
Activity #2 Scriptural Play

A) Invite an Actor/director/writer to discuss how to write produce or act in a play.
B) Barrow skits from library and do several readers theaters

A) Choose a Scripture story and write a skit together
B) Memorize parts to the play, especially scripture passages

A) Make Scenery for Play
B) Make Costumes for Play (present play to family)

Learning and Living the Gospel
Activity #2 Scriptural Play

A) Visit Family History Library to learn how to search for a name
B) Go on line and check for names

A) Greeting cards & Thank you notes, Invitations
B) Hostess gifts – learn about and make one

A) Plan Nutritious Meal for Afternoon Party, discuss food safety, equipment etc.
B) Cook and serve Nutritious Meal for Afternoon Party (for family or Mom)

Activity #4 Sports activity

A) Discuss Word of Wisdom and why it is important, do role playing on how to say no, (Make good stuff bad stuff collages)
B) Discuss appropriate Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, cleanliness, (practice
good grooming, look for germs under microscope, do a little exercising, make food pyramid collage

A) First Aid
B) Visit fire station, police station, or hospital

A) Outline a Physical Fitness program,
B) Do Mini Olympics (with family or Dad) (Daddy Daughter Olympics?)

Developing Talents
Activity 1 – Talent Display

A) Play a team sport
B) Play an individual sport - tournament

A) Demonstrate home repair – or chore
B) Make a Welcome plaque

A) Do an Art Project
B) Learn to conduct Music/write, worthy music, types of music, rhythm instruments (Have talent show for families)

Activity 2 – Fashion Show

A) Learn Care of Clothes, do a load of laundry, (sorting, washing, drying, and folding) Discus Modesty and choice of clothes, Learn to iron
B) Learn different types of seams, learn to sew on a button and mend a rip, hand sewing and/or machine sewing

A) Make an outfit for fashion show
B) Learn poise for catwalk, simplified basic clothes list, work on fashions,

A) Discuss proper respect, respect for self and other’s property and privacy while visiting, discuss what to clean for a party in home
B) Learn how to write a good letter, write descriptions of clothes, finish anything not as yet done, (present fashion show to family or Mom)

Learning and Living the Gowpel
Activity 3 –History Activity

A) Share Family History Stories
B) Decorate and begin a Journal. Discuss what to include, why they are important, write first entry

A) Visit an Historical Sight
B) Learn of Constitution, how a trial works, bill of rights

A) Share pioneer stories or make family home evening flannel board stories of pioneers
B) have a pioneer activity day

Activity 4 – Hike with family

A) Keep track of expenditures, learn how to budget and plan for expenditures account, Learn how to keep books, such as checking account and savings
B) Learn about assets and liabilities, stock market, track stocks? or have an accountant come or bag this stuff and have a parks person or conservation officer come

A) 72 hr backpacks and first aid kits
B) House safety check, where emergency shut offs are and how to do it, house plans for fire.

A) poisonous plants and animals and how to treat insect bites, do a square foot observance (cub scouts), spider web print
B) Hike with Plaster of Paris for animal tracks (with family)

Learning and Living the Gospel
Activity #1 - Puppet Play

A) Begin a story patchwork quilt
B) Make a family Time capsule

A) Personal Safety, and Personal Defense, What to do If…Invite personal defense instructor, practice abductions
B) Write a puppet play to present to younger children

A) Make puppets
B) make scenery and stage, Present puppet play (for family)

Activity #2 – Scripture Storytelling Festival

A) Learn a new sport’s rules, discuss sportsmanship (play a team sport)
B) Play a sport (individual)

A) Discuss making friends and how setting an example is missionary work, make a list of desirable attributes in a friend, practice missionary topic discussions, practice making friends, role-play difficult situations, or make missionary baskets?
B) Learn how to introduce people, practice, learn how to address important dignitaries, role-play, learn how to write formal letters, write letters to missionaries?

A) Learn the steps to write a talk, choose a scripture story, practice telling story in own words
B) Scripture story telling festival

Activity #3 – Service Project Help an Elderly or sick Person with Home

A) Learn how to plant and take care of flowers
B) Make a box garden for and elderly or wheelchair bound person

A) Learn how to thoroughly clean a kitchen using proper tools efficiently
B) Learn how to organize a home, everything has a place, mt.vernonizing etc., flylady

A) Plant flower’s at elderly or sick person’s home
B) Clean an Elderly or sick person’s home

Activity #4 – Career Day

A) Hair cutting 101, braiding and other hair styles, Invite a beautician
B) Teeth Care, Dental Hygiene, mouth wash, etc. Invite a Dentist or hygienist

A) Teacher visit and the importance of education
B) Home Business and Finances

A) Create a business such as babysitting service or yard work service, Make babysitting or tool box
B) Have a career day where parent’s explain their careers

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